CCE is a leading service provider of the global refined metals market. We are focusing on long-term partnerships with suppliers to create a more coherent supply chain for our customers. Our partners in supply side are the market leaders of alumina, aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, tin and nickel. Our partners offer financial assistance to miners and smelters through off-take agreements and strategic alliances.

Our suppliers are major international merchants with offices in Shanghai, London, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Turkey, source metal from smelters and trades. Our refined metals business also includes zinc, copper, tin, lead and nickel. We are developing a new line of business in ores and concentrates, such as chromite lumpy and concentrates, lead and zinc concentrates.

The refined metals, ore and concentrates team collaborate closely, using a variety of tools to facilitate trading, including, structured finance and tolling models. Our domestic sales teams sell directly to end users, also small and medium sized manufacturers through our online refined metals procurement platform. Our Group’s expertise in risk management, logistics and in depth knowledge of consumer markets, our metals business is able to offer metal producers and consumers competitive solutions. We have the capability to work with customer both in spot and annual contract basis.